Who are we?

Delta Projects is a small, family-based company.

Our family

Luigi is an EPFL Engineer with a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer and an MBA. After 28 years in Operations with the world's largest food company he decided to focus on what is really interesting to him: Engineering.

His second passion is for motorcycles.

Vivian, founder and director, is a computer engineer with a Masters from EHL. She founded delta Projects in 2012. Her first passion is giving a new life to otherwise underestimated objects.

Her second passion is 5 stars cooking, to entertain friends.

Our family
Our family

Carla, graduated in Marketing, is the creative spirit, she’s the one who understands colors and shapes, lifestyles and their evolution; she really knows how the world is turning.

Luigi Lorenzo is divided between music and computers; we owe him this website, the company's IT facility and… the musical entertainment during the long working hours.

Our family

Our story

Delta Projects was born as a family adventure.

We started with a two-bedroom apartment renovation back in 2001. It was fun and we discovered how much creativity can help during these kinds of projects.
And we had a lot of it!
In 2006 we had the chance to build our own house in a Guinness-record manner in timing and budget. Of course, with lot of creativity.

Creativity doesn't mean you have to paint your house in pink and purple, it means your mind is constantly seeking ways to achieve a faster and more competitive result.
Creativity can be helpful everywhere!

Numerous friends had been asking for our opinion and advice, and we dedicated lot of time helping and advising.

It was only natural that in 2012 we decided to use this success and create delta Projects.

Since then, we have been selective with our projects, always after evaluating if our creativity could bring an added value, either in timing, budget or original ideas.

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